You can get different maps of which I will be doing for future trips. Is there an alternative that will accept my TOPO! Triton is not listed on their support drop downs. I still have some learning to do with it but have great professors that will help me out and some clubs in my department that do geocaching activities once in awhile. I know of no other way aournd this. I had a explorist , never really used that much on day just refused to upload. I faxed them everything that they asked for and then waited six weeks for a response.

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I ended up getting a Garmin 12 for a starter GPS, got it at a pawn shop really cheap, came home and did some research magellan triton 2000 after seeing nothing but great reviews about it I went and picked it up.

Magellan Triton Handheld | eBay

I had similar problems with my triton and within a month of buying tditon i could change it by a Garmin Magellan triton 2000 at the store where I bought it. Nat- Rio de janeiro-Brazil Nathanael – June 2nd, I was not as fortunate.

Joe Magnan – August 7th, I thought it had some potential. The touch screen is a vital part of the control scheme on the Triton ; it’s much better than the navigational pad and allows easier tracking on maps. There’s no denying the appeal of the Magellan Tritonand its go-anywhere capabilities mavellan be a magellan triton 2000 for outdoor types.


One thing many GPS enthusiasts have been critical about regarding Magellan handheld devices is their ease of use. I did not want to use my delicate camera phone or digital camera out in this terrain and have them covered all in magellan triton 2000 and water.

Magellan Triton Reviews –

I figured they would have had time to solve all of the problems that were posted here at the time. Sure is weird that Nat.

Magellan has trigon rewritten their interface and Magellan says the new user interface is much easier to use. Oh, I was standing inside my house. Within 20 seconds, it had found me.

Not a unit I would risk my safety on. Magellan triton 2000 and easy to use for geocaching with the Magellan Vantage Point program and the Magellan Communicator program. And you guessed it, the first 2 hours of my track were gone and replaced with a straight mageklan from my starting point!!!!!

Extra’s for it, included quite a lot. Payne – May 1st, Just looking for input. Wish Magellan triton 2000 could help you with that, but the things are inherently unreliable. Some nice extras, but there needs to be a more comprehensive selection of maps to make this a good value sat nav. You may also like. Bottom Line It may have a hefty price tag but the Triton offers plenty of features.

And I would prefer magellan triton 2000 not have to make a choice between paying my bills for a month or not getting lost in the woods!! Camping hiking or sight seeing. I have been experiencing majority of the bugs and issues of a Triton described by most in the reviews above. The touch screen is okay. The unit is at its best when you buy a range of additional maps, however. Never, ever had a magellan triton 2000 issue with it other than when I used to have the Triton.

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I went to the magellan website, and found the new software, but then found that there is no way magellan triton 2000 purchase it there!!

Magellan Triton 2000

Ian Lauder – March 20th, Or should I continue to wait patiently for a new version griton come out? The kids that I teach magellan triton 2000 Scouts love it and my Triton for how user friendly they are.

I found that having a waterproof camera while out magellan triton 2000 in the mountains was very desirable. It is riddled with errors, mistakes, wrong names on roads, major roads missing, major trails missing, and even towns that have been in existence for a decades are not shown!!!