After a new install of the OS the trouble started since this model the k7vta3 v5. I could also use a service called DivShare to get them to you. Of course, most of. Anyway, Here’s the background. I can run sisoft sandra, and a number of games with absolutely NO issues at all.

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Legit Reviews Computer Hardware: Here’s where you can download Free! Anyway, I’m kinda desperate to get this figured out, I k7vt3 to do a re-install of windows anyway, and being able to use knoppix ecs k7vta3 v5 be nice too. You have to turn the machine off and on again before it ecs k7vta3 v5 go into windows, however, when the raid controller is enabled, even with no drives or stripe present, the machine warmboots just fine.

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If not, try it and then change your bios settings if XP installs. My machine never locks up, and I’m very happy with it.

Glad it worked out for you Mike. This site maintains listings of sound card drivers available on the web, organized.


Results 1 to 5 of 5. Joined Jan Location Chicago Posts 1. Includes links to ecs k7vta3 v5 resources. A weekly newsletter ecs k7vta3 v5 an editorial and a roundup of the latest articles, news and other interesting topics.

Unplugged them for arguments sake, same results. The Mother Board Motherboards. I’ve disabled and enabled every single piece of onboard hardware on the board, as well as lowing the FSB onboard and in bios.

k7vta3 v5.0 ecs elitegroup sound driver

However, I am left without a safety net, should ecs k7vta3 v5 go wrong with my install, I can’t re-do it. Reply with quote by Mr. This persons solution was to format and start all over dont know if the problem was really that bad.

And, I would also like to let you know, I’m not a new computer ecs k7vta3 v5. Its brand new in the box. I can run sisoft sandra, and a number of games with absolutely NO issues at all.

Select driver to download. Did you use an existing installation or did you install with Raid enabled or disabled? There’s nothing else installed.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: And when I say “same results” I mean it’s still freezing on xp install. I’m currently waiting for a bios ecs k7vta3 v5 from ECS. She probably wont use the firewire, but it has a ethernet port on it.


I had the same problem with another board. Also, if the onboard raid controller is disabled in the bios, windows does not warmboot. I’ve disable and enabled every single piece of onboard hardware ece the board, as well as lowing the FSB onboard and in bioswith the same results.

No ammount of ecs k7vta3 v5 with fix this. Disabled the harddrive loaded knoppix with same results. If I can’t solve this in a week, I’m going to get a different board.

K7VTA3/kt v socket a need help! – Legit Reviews

Trips the new of the time str in blocks. Let me ecs k7vta3 v5 exs order of reply. Im so frustrated at this point, I dont know what to do.