Incorrect display of detected threats fields in the administration center. The interface for managing trusted devices has been improved: Scan file or URL for viruses Report a false alarm. For proper functioning of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows, your computer must meet the following requirements:. Incorrect behavior of the product due to simultaneous running of scan tasks and active infection disinfection. Both critical fixes and new functionality can be installed.

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Support has been added in the authentication agent for entering user names efoken passwords that contain characters in the following languages: Outdated information on detected threats in the administration center. Was this etoken pro 64k helpful?

To optimize the load on the Kaspersky Security Center server, Application Startup Control functionality is disabled by default. When a rule etoken pro 64k blocks the operation of WiFi modules is applied, the component terminates the established WiFi connections.


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This setting can be configured in the Kaspersky Security Center policy. Incorrect display of pop-up Web Anti-Virus notifications. Settings profiles let you modify etoken pro 64k values of policy settings for individual computers that are covered by the specific policy and match the conditions specified in the profile.

The application blocks access to flash drives that support the U3 formatting standard. In etoken pro 64k cases, the volume of memory consumed by Network Agent may increase.

In some cases, the local interface of the application displays update tasks incorrectly. Incorrect behavior of the product due to simultaneous running of scan tasks and active infection disinfection.

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Password migration error during the policy migration. Settings profiles are now supported. Application functionality is restored after crashes. Learn about the known limitations in this article. You etoken pro 64k install the application remotely using Kaspersky Security Center.

A new setting remembers the name of the authentication agent account under which the previous authentication was etoken pro 64k successfully. Web Control does not block web resources when using SSL3. A new application module update mechanism has been implemented a dedicated service called avpsus.

Scan file or URL for viruses Report a false alarm. In some cases, an attempt to send an email notification via the local interface of Kaspersky Endpoint Security may result in a hang-up of the application.

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Local management of group tasks via etoken pro 64k. Incorrect symbols in the interface when configuring the area of a Custom scan task. Etomen folder cannot be specified as an exclusion in the trusted zone. During installation, Kaspersky Endpoint Security removes Microsoft System Center upon recognizing it as incompatible software.

The task of full-disk encryption of a removable device with FAT32 file system hangs on computers running under Windows XP. The following changes have been made to the application installer: During installation, Kaspersky Endpoint Security detects and allows you to uninstall applications that may affect the performance of the user’s computer even to the point of complete inoperability when running at the same time as the product.

Incorrect text colour etoken pro 64k a local interface vulnerabilities report. Different access rights can now be assigned to specific functional areas of application settings Kaspersky Security Center functionality. Trusted zone settings fail to copy when creating policies via the quick installation wizard. A new GUI with mouse support has been developed for the authentication agent. Etoken pro 64k administration of the application through Kaspersky Security Center: Have you found what you were etoken pro 64k for?

If necessary, users can manually edit the list of events to be relayed to Kaspersky Security Center.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Protect your children against unwelcome contacts, harmful content, malicious software and attacks. The following operating systems are no longer supported: In some cases, Network Agent may crash when starting the OS.