I took my HP Pavilion Laptop apart and put it back together. First of all, make sure the video cable is properly connected to LCD screen, inverter board, motherboard. The laptop does work perfectly using an external screen. After some two hours of operation, the flicker happened again and all the symptoms were back. One fine day the screen went black.

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There is a chance that satellite a135-s2266 xp of the memory modules or both of them not seated correctly. I have a Dell Satellite a135-s2266 xp e… has worked fine with Satwllite faults until this morning. The screen does exact same thing barely visible even when I disconnect the fl inverter board. I have bought two replacement a135-s2266 from ebay but still no joy.

Furthermore, nothing appears on an external monitor when the laptop is powered on. Satellite a135-s2266 xp think it could be: Or the circuit board taped to the back of the screen or is this board part of the screen? Could it be the inverter? Thanks in advance for your help…and for all the guidance you have provided me through your advice to others. The old one did but continued to go out. The inverter is defective.

In your case the screen lights up and is bright. June 7th, at Is satellite a135-s2266 xp a backlight or inverter problem? Information This bulletin documents the several different methods for gaining access to the A153-s2266 Setup feature of most models of Toshiba computers.

Can you start the laptop just from AC adapter when the battery is removed? Did you replace just the LCD screen or the new screen came with the inverter board? First of all, check the cable connection. It sounds like the failure occurred right after the spill.


Try replacing the inverter board. Wait for a few minutes, plug in the AC adapter and try turning it on.

Screen inverter board

We can make out all the images, but too dark to work on. The computer has never had any foreign material liquid, dirt, etc. Did you purchase a compatible replacement screen? Can you get image on the external screen? Now when i try to satellite a135-s2266 xp my satellite a135-s2266 xp on it starts normally and then screen goes blue.

The laptop was in standby and the backside where the screen connects to the laptop was the only part of the computer immersed in satellite a135-s2266 xp water. The screen has gone black although at an angle can still see the desktop, also external monitor works fine.

Before you replace the cable, try reseating connectors on the motherboard and LCD screen. Will let you know the reading. I hope that replacing the motherboard works. It could be either bad memory or motherboard. So please help me out in solving out this issue. Satellite a135-s2266 xp since then I have replaced the inverter twice and satellite a135-s2266 xp was no change in the symptoms…the display works sometimes and not at other times.

After reading above I am unsure if it is the inverter or the back light. Do you mean the backlight lamp?

Toshiba drivers – Toshiba Sound Card Drivers

Any other suggestions as to what it may be? When inverter or backlight lamp fail, the screen is completely dark. When I press power button no noise a15-s2266 nothing is satellite a135-s2266 xp.