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Thinking big is cool. I really want to read this.

Nov 22, Suzanne rated it really liked it Shelves: Amazon’s selection certainly wowed me, and there were times that I did want a new bo I placed my first book order at Amazon in Since evefything boss’s over-pressurizing and micromanaging tactics have cost me half a degree and a wrecked family life I felt really angry with Jeff. And no, that message is not just for prospective employees who are thinking of braving the Jungle -esque conditions of the distribution pd.

From the book, it sounds like Bezos has a very warm, close relationship with his stepfather who is, for all intents and purposes up to and including their shared last name, his father and had no wish to contact his biological father. Like Inside Steve’s Brainit gives tantalizing glimpses and lessons from the work of a great inventor, entrepreneur, and business leader.

Reading about the huge goals the Amazon team set themselves and how they failed and overcame failure or learned from it to succeed elsewhere reminded you of how far the company has come. Sep 19, Suzanne rated it really liked it.

Want to Read saving…. Any founder who doesn’t fall into one of these categories would tend to gravitate towards the efficiency-driven, measurement-driven, mundane process of driving the bottom-line.

What it does paint, though, is fascinating.

One of the things the book gets across is what a great learner Jeff is. Bezos’s personality is explored but not charted.

One can always look at the growth path of this website as a case study and can call it either a monstrous apparition or an extremely shrewd way of getting more business and that again is always a matter of perspective. He then lists a dozen books “widely read by executives and employees that are integral to understanding the company” including The Remains of the DayThe Innovator’s Dilemma and The Black Swan.

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

Amazon executives view MAPs and similar techniques as the last vestiges of an old way of doing business, gimmicks that inefficient companies use to protect their bloated margins. But the book makes clear again and again how it really is a touchstone for Jeff.

But one common thread I have been able to tease out from readings about the colossally successful is that all of them are obsessive about at least one of the following aspects: Perhaps Stode harbored a secret fantasy or two about seducing him for an Amazon log-in, but I was recently able pfd publish a free Sneak Peak containing excerpts and author notes from 42 of my books and make it live on Amazon and other platforms.

So, for that reason, the book doesn’t accomplish its goal of being “the definitive book” of Amazon. That said, I would still recommend the book and especially the picture of Jeff in High School! There wasn’t a strong precedence yet. The next few months were tense. Just a moment while we sign you in to evfrything Goodreads account. The book is fun and engaging to read.

Empowering others is cool.

[PDF/ePub Download] the everything store pdf eBook

It will be an interesting few years for tue in India for sure! Amazon is one of those brands that has become a household name today. To be sure, it is incomplete and doubtless has many inaccuracies, but it gives insight into the mind of a remarkable man and downlozd company he has built – a company with profound influence on the present and future shape of our society.

Those quoted in the book describe him as “impetuous and controlling” and “deranged,” with “ice water run[nig] through his veins.

Hardcoverpages. But it’s not all smiling HBR quotables.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Bezos was preparing his overseers to approve what would be a series of improbable, expensive, and risky bets. Employees who feel marginalized or mistreated can leave at any time.

And it’s being played out in the current situation on goodreads as its community is being dismantled in favour of commercial, over social, goals. Even if you are not interested in the business ths of things, these books are still required reading since you have to study the idols and the paragons of society to understand the aspirations and the class definitions.

So, given my long history with Amazon, I really loved the first half of this book. The book offers a lo This book is as much about Jeff Bezos as it’s about Amazon. The two-pizza-team concept took root first in engineering, where it was backed by Rick Dalzell, and over the course of several years, it was somewhat inconsistently applied through the rest of the pdr.

Overall I did enjoy this book.

At that time and age, the word website to me was indistinguishable from quantum physics and the status of most others were no different as most of us were even unused to dial in internet connections then and the PC was an unaffordable luxury.

But, Amazon always delivered. The rest of our marketing dollars we pour into doenload prices. View evrything 3 comments. While I have always believed that focus to be sincere, I have also always worried that it would fade as the company became dominant, as is so often the case. May 08, Andrej Karpathy rated it really liked it. He owns Google and Amazon stock, so he can’t be about the money.

It was great that thanks to Bezos, the book acknowledged the existence of narrative bias in all such writings and came out less “worshipy” than Vance’s Musk biography.

The focus is on doing your absolute best work to make the customer happy.